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  1. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: How to play the new wizarding game
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  3. Playing Dungeons & Dragons Together for 30 Years - The Atlantic

Here's how to get started playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite , the mobile game now available for download in nearly countries for Android and iPhone from the creator of the wildly popular Pokemon Go.

Its pedigree shows. It also loses some of the more frustrating parts of Pokemon Go , such as Gym Battles. And while it's similar to the wildly popular Pokemon Go, it's OK if you've never played that game because Harry Potter: Wizards Unite really feels like a new game and not a reskinned Pokemon Go. To get started, enter your date of birth and then sign in using your Facebook or Google credentials. Grant the game permission to use your GPS and to access your device's location.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: How to play the new wizarding game

Finally, make your way through the tutorial, which offers a bit of the story behind the Calamity and walks you through how to deal with a foundable, a wizarding world person or item that displaced the chaotic magic from its location to yours. Note: The game comes with assets, and depending on your connection, they may take some time to download.

If you have a restrictive data plan, download everything over Wi-Fi. By tapping the wizard icon in the bottom left of your screen you can view your Ministry ID, change your name and select your Hogwarts house and wand by registering it. Don't fret too much about your house and wand choices -- you can change those later and your choice doesn't impact gameplay. And if you don't want to choose, you can get sorted into a house instead of choosing one. You can also create your portrait and customize your look.

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The game's map will feel familiar if you've played Pokemon Go or Ingress: It displays your real-life geographic location using your phone's GPS and is littered with items and structures you interact with from the phone screen. A potion ingredient and Inns near the bottom, Greenhouses in the middle, and a Fortress further back. Items include Ingredients you can use to create potions.

Some are common and others are rare, so if you're a gatherer, you'll need to manage your inventory so it doesn't fill up. It doesn't take much to hit the free cap for items you can store, so be prepared to either buy more store space or prune items as you go. Items you find can vary depending on the weather and time of day. You can check current conditions by tapping the weather icon near the top on the right. Structures include Inns , where you collect food to restore your spell energy; Greenhouses , where you can collect potion ingredients and accumulate energy to cast spells; and Fortresses , which require a Runestone to enter and where you work with up to four other players to dispel magical creatures and Death Eaters.

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The map also displays magical traces of the Calamity. Part of your job is to dismiss the confoundable to return the foundable back to its proper time and location. To dismiss a Confoundable, align the two sets of stars on the screen to focus on your target and then cast a spell. Spells play a large role in the game. You'll spend a lot of time casting spells to overpower or dismiss the confounding magic you encounter and return the found object back to its proper place. You'll also cast spells to gather food in an Inn, when you battle an enemy in a Fortress and when you come across dark wizards on the map.

To cast one, trace the hint that appears on your screen with your finger. The onscreen motions are not unlike the glyphs you trace in Ingress and can be a little tricky to learn and master because you are rewarded for your tracing speed and accuracy. The game can be a little judgy, and if your trace is not accurate enough, the game will tell you your spell is incomplete and you need to recast.

You can cast both offensive and defensive spells. As you walk around, you'll come across potion-making ingredients on the map.

Some ingredients just appear in distinct biomes, and others only spawn during different weather conditions. Larry later saves the ranch payroll during a running gun fight and in the midst of a hand-to-hand struggle learns that Moya Shannon May , daughter of the ranch manager, loves him. In the days that follow he squares his account with Purdy, but his adventure comes to a close when his identity becomes known after he receives a telegram from his uncle.

Playing Dungeons & Dragons Together for 30 Years - The Atlantic

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