Clans and Tartans

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  2. True Kilts: Debunking the Myths About Highlanders and Clan Tartans | Collectors Weekly
  3. Clans and Tartans
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The Lindsay tartan is another that's been commercially successful thanks to its sophisticated beauty and flexible styling.

1. Royal Stewart tartan - where the modern tradition started!

Popular for everything from school uniforms to ladies' skirts and jackets, the Lindsay tartan has a place in countless hearts. Descended from Danes, the first Lindsay recorded in Scotland was in and the family prospered both in both Scotland and England until they had to give up the English parts during the Wars of Scottish Independence. Now the family is found all over the world. But their tartan is found much more widely still!

Ancient Hunter

The Dress Stewart tartan is another plaid found in many a school uniform. But its popularity is much wider than that, used in everything from high fashion to traditional interiors. Dress tartans are typically showy, designed of course for dress-up occasions. But Dress Stewart somehow does so in a way that's classy.

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Dress Stewart is nowadays so widely used for commercial production that few wearers probably even reflect on its historic links with the Stewart clan. But it remains a source of pride for many Stewart family members to see their fabrics being enjoyed all over the world. The Scotland Forever tartan is a more modern invention by one of the Scottish weaving mills. Taking its name from a famous battle cry heard at Waterloo, the Scotland Forever was created especially to meet the need for a plaid design that could be worn by anyone, wherever they lived, and whether or not they had Scottish blood.

After all, which of us wouldn't agree: Scotland Forever! Tartans aren't only for families and clans. The tradition is really about honouring a community you belong to and love. So there are plaids for countries, cities, regions, and villages.

True Kilts: Debunking the Myths About Highlanders and Clan Tartans | Collectors Weekly

There are tartans for companies, clubs, and events. Lots of universities and schools have their own. Heck, you can even design your own tartan. But here's the big take-away: there's no rule to stop you wearing any old clan or family tartan! That idea's a myth.

Clans and Tartans

Scottish tradition is all about welcoming outsiders into our community. To wear someone's plaid is a sign of respect and friendship. So it's fine to choose any traditional tartan just because you like it! This is Scotland's beautiful gift to the world. We love it when you love our tartan - whichever you choose. To find other tartans you can take pride in owning, we suggest our article about what tartan can I wear? Or if you've a fairly common name, search our Tartan Finder for your surname to see a vast choice of plaids.

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The Stewart Tartans

Note: we charge in UK Pounds. Converted prices are advisory, at today's rates. Basket totals may not add exactly due to rounding. Clan and Tartan 7 universal tartans that anyone can wear including a big surprise! By Nick Fiddes. Royal Stewart tartan - where the modern tradition started!

Matthew Newsome, GTS, ©2007

By , clan tartans were so closely associated with Highlanders and clan loyalty that their wearing was banned after the defeat at Culloden until Interestingly, this was the time when many of the famous Highland Regiments were being formed, and they were allowed to select and wear a regimental tartan for example, Black Watch.

I suppose the idea was to wean loyalty away from the clan and towards the British empire. Some of these regimental tartans later became family tartans. When the wearing of the tartan was again permitted, there developed a keen interest in reestablishing or reinventing family tartans, beginning with the Highlanders and later spreading to all of Scotland.

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King George IV and Queen Victoria both fell in love with the Highlander image as popularized by Sir Walter Scott, and greatly encouraged the adoption of this cultural symbol. Today, there are around tartans listed in the Scottish Heritage World Register - including ones for football clubs, individual towns, etc.

Sometimes, when we discover that Scottish tartans are not ancient the Henderson tartan was registered in , for example , it "takes the shine off" our interest. In this case, it really shouldn't. The wearing of the tartan and linking the patterns called setts to particular families has done so much to unite Scottish culture world-wide and to reestablish our connections with our ancestors and with our fellow "Scots of the diaspora.

And there is no doubt at all that the Highlanders invented these wonderful plaids.

Find your tartan and wear it with pride! Overview of everything you need or want to know about the fascinating Scottish people and Scotland throughout history - the legends and myths, traditions and customs, tartans and clans, biographies of famous Scots and Scots authors, books about Scotland's culture and history, Scottish holidays, including Samhain and the celtic history of Halloween, Christmas in Scotland and Hogmanay the Scots' three-day New Year's celebration , celtic music, traditional folk and Scottish bagpipe music, Celtic Christmas music, documentary videos and DVDs about Scotland and Scottish movies, entertaining and informative Scottish history essays, Celtic Christianity and medieval calligraphy, Celtic mythology and religion, books, Scottish cooking, beautiful scenic Scotland calendars, Scottish and Celtic crafts, Scottish fold cats and Scottish dog breeds, and even more on medieval and ancient Scottish history and culture.

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